Webmastering on Caffeine – PubCon South 2010

This year’s PubCon South in Dallas certainly proved to be worth the trip.  Surprisingly, I was the only one I knew who bothered to rent a car.  Note to would-be conference attendees: if you can get a good rate, rent a car. You’ll make stupendous industry contacts in addition to some fine conference buddies.

Since the conference, I’ve been totally wrapped up in a new job, preparing for and working the incredible SMX Advanced Seattle, executing a move, and preparing for the firstborn, who finally arrived healthy and adorable just a few short weeks ago.

Alas, I’ve had no time to blog, but as promised, and better late than never, here’s my slide deck from the HTML, CSS & Hosting panel in Dallas.  The news isn’t so news-worthy anymore, but the various tools discussed in this deck can help optimize your website performance by improving page speed, script execution time and database efficiency, making this deck a worthy once-through for any webmaster.

I won’t be able to make it to PubCon Vegas this year (I tell myself there’s always next year…) but I’ll see you in October at SMX East in New York City.

Got any other great tools to share for improving site performance?  Drop a comment!


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