How to Parse the Google Results Page using Regular Expressions Even if You’re a Total PHP n00b

October 15th, 2009 Ryan Smith Posted in Howtos, Open Source Projects 6 Comments »

 Google Scraping

There comes a time in the course of every SEO’s life where they find themselves wishing to scrape their own search rankings data rather than use one of the fine commercial tools available for the task. ¬†Fortunately for me, not every SEO is also a hacker, so I do a lot of work with professional online marketing consultants in need of a web programmer who speaks fluent SEO to turn their geeky daydreams into working apps. ¬†But what if you can’t afford me?

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Customize Your Site Search Results with BeyondSiteSearch

August 20th, 2007 Ryan Smith Posted in Open Source Projects No Comments »

As a compliment to Alex’s presentation on site search optimization at the 2005 Vegas PubCon, I developed a free site search tool called BeyondSiteSearch which allows a webmaster to customize site search results which can help optimize a site’s usability and conversion rate. Considering we’ve had over 800 downloads since the PubCon release, I’d say it’s been filling the niche rather brilliantly so far. Here’s a link to the custom site search tool‘s instructions and download page.

Happy hacking! :-)

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